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How to use the demo.
How to use the demo.

Remember this is less than a functional demo than it is a feasibility study to see how this might work. If you follow these steps exactly you should be able to approximate making a single button. Do anything else and it may produce unexpected and fairly awkward results.

Click on the small icon to open the editor

Click on the green round thing to add this layer

Click on the sizing icon to open the resizer

Click on the "left" and "top" buttons

Click on the resize slider and move it a little to the right

Now click on the two center buttons

...and move the slider to make the green disc a little smaller

Click on the bullseye icon to add a frame layer

Resize it so it is just a little larger than the green disc

Click on the grid icon to open the guides layer

Click on the colorwheel icon to open the gradient and color controls

If you did everything right it should look like this.

That's it. Demo over. Now we need to write the real thing.

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