The Demo

I've used C since 1976 and dabbled in JavaScript since 2005. This is one of a couple of JavaScript programs I wrote as tools or testbeds.

I started with a clean sheet of paper and add and made up code from here and there as a proof of concept. The design grew organically and as best I could, form followed function.

But, I think it's a dead and, both in the way it works internally and in the design layout. I have ideas for what it should look like and how it should work. In a nutshell that would be, pick a layer, associate a control slider with a metric, and adjust then save. What this would end up looking like in actual use can be easily predicted then.
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Click here to start the demo.
Next Generation

This is approximately what the next generation of this could look like.
How to use the demo.

It's not much of a program, do the wrong thing it it goes all wonky. But if you follow these instructions to the letter, it'll make you a nice looking shaded button.

It's a demo, cobbled together with duct tape and string. This needs to be made into a real and coherent program. But if you do these steps in the correct order you'll have a feel for what this program could be like.